About Elavumthitta

Elavumthitta (ഇലവുംതിട്ട) is the catchment area of two major rivers, the Sacred Pampa and Achankovil. The abundant rainfall in the region supplements these two rivers for keeping the river not drying in summer season, and in return the two rivers keep this region abundant in ground water and save Elavumthitta from droughts. Almost every house got open wells for its water requirement. People of Elavumthitta never experienced a drought or flood situation in their life. Pamba river is in the north, 8 km away and Elavumthitta is in a much higher elevation; hence there is no flood in this region. The same thing is with Achankovil river, which is 5 km away in the western side of Elavumthitta. Elavumthitta was abundant in Streams and lush green paddy fields. There was a time; one could stand on a higher spot and enjoy the sight of endless coconut tree tops spreading its leaves and swaying in gentle breeze, a very pleasant sight indeed.

The average height of Elavumthitta is 150 feet (46 m) above mean sea level. The low lying water shed paddy fields around Elavumthitta is 100 feet (30 m) above mean sea level. There is a peak called Namakuzhy (നാമക്കുഴി), 387 feet (118 m) above mean sea level 2 km. north of Elavumthitta. This peak can be considered as the highest spot in the area. There is a legend about this peak that the pandavas in exile visited this place and stayed here for a short while. There were giant size foot marks imprinted on rocks scattered above the hill believed to be of Bhima the mighty bare hand warrior of Mahabharat epic. And also there was a pit on the rock with perennial source of water; signs reinforcing the local beliefs.

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